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List Of Top Anime Of 2019

List Of Top Anime Of 2019

List Of Top Anime Of 2019!!!

Well, if you are here then you probably love watching anime. And want to know or watch the top anime of 2019. We have the list of trending animes that were introduced in 2019 and which have gained their position in this list with the reviews and response of people around the globe.

The animes listed here consist of both the old ones and newly released animes. The storyline and graphics are awesome in each and every anime and the industry is booming with great content. The popularity of anime is shot up very high in 2019 because there has been an incident where an anime was trending on twitter.

So, here’s the list of top anime of 2019:

1. One Piece:

Well, this anime needs no introduction. And it’s no surprise that this anime is at the top of the list. Because in 2019 the anime has entered in the Wano Country Arc which was most-awaited and it has been announced by the creator Eiichiro Oda himself that this arc is most action-packed arc which will make marineford arc look like a baby.

And with the release of One Piece Stampede the hype of the anime has grown very much. And no doubt that this anime has grabbed the number one position for so many years. Because of its unique storyline and graphics. And recently the graphic quality of the anime has improved tremendously.

2. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba:

We can say that this anime is the most popular anime of 2019 because it was premiered in April and with just two episodes the anime was trending worldwide. And when episode 19 of the anime was released it was trending at number 1 position on twitter. It was the first time when an anime episode was trending on twitter.

And this is not the end the anime was at number one position once again with the release of the last episode of season 1. If you don’t consider the long legacy and storyline of One Piece then Demon Slayer should be considered the top anime of all time. And if you are an anime fan then you should definitely consider watching demon slayer.

3. Dr. Stone:

This is one of the funniest and nerdy anime of all time. And with the release of few episodes of this anime was in the favorite list of most the anime fans out there. It has a very unique storyline where the world resets to the stone age and a bunch of school kids tries to restore the world to its prior stage with the power of science.

It’s a new anime but it has grabbed the top place in the list of most anime fans. It has comedy, science, action and lots and lots of humor. It’s a must-watch for every anime lover out there.

4. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest:

This anime is one of the underdogs of 2019. It has grabbed 4th position on our list because of its great script and storyline. Where a bunch of kids were summoned to another world where monsters reside in a dungeon and the kids possess magical powers which will help them in fighting monsters and help the people of the kingdom.

But when one of the kid was betrayed by his own classmate he learns to survive and become the strongest by eating those same monsters. The story is action-packed and has a very strong storyline. If you want to watch an action-packed anime with some harem in it then this is a must-watch for you.

5. Fire Force:

This is the most unexpected anime which was released this year. The storyline is very unique and it is the only one of its kind. And the quality of graphics is top-notch. It is a must-watch for action lovers. The anime has lots of action and superpower stuff. It is a story about a fire organization which fights infernals (monsters who burn themselves and everyone around them) who were once human.

It’s a good anime that you can watch this season. It’s recently released and grabbed one of the top positions of top anime list.

6. Danmachi Season 2 [Spoiler]:

The second season of the popular anime series Danmachi grabbed the 6th position in the list. This season has some very interesting arcs where there was war game arc which was amazing in terms of action and growth of characters. And we get to see Hestia family get new members and a new house.

And we saw the power of Freya family which destroyed the Ishtar family. If you follow Danmachi then you should definitely watch season 2 it is more action-packed.

These are the top anime of 2019. The animes which are listed here are the best that you can watch anytime and you will not be disappointed. They all have unique storylines and their own specialties. Which will make you want them to see more and more.

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